3 Time Saving Actions Your MSP Should Automate

by | Jul 12, 2017 | Business

Running a business is time consuming, but there are ways to reduce the time demands and improve your network security. Here are three ways your Managed Service Provider (MSP) can help automate recurring functions and save you some time:

  1. Forcing Password Changes / Enforcing Strong Password Creation

It is widely accepted that users should change their passwords frequently to prevent a data breach via leaked user information. The biggest issue with this, however, is that users will frequently forget to, or simply do not believe they have to, change their password unless it is enforced. A managed services provider should enforce a password change about every six months, and require that passwords are at least 20 characters long and utilize letters, numbers, and special characters so they are hard to guess.

  1. Opportunity Tracking

Following up on leads and staying in contact is the secret to successful deals. A survey by the National Sales Executive Association reveals that 48% of sales agents never follow up with their leads, and as a result barely close any deals at all. Only 10% of sales agents follow up more than three times, and only 10% of deals are made on the fourth contact. However, after the fifth contact, the likelihood of a deal rises significantly. This is a direct result of keeping contact with a lead and making sure they keep your company in mind. Even if the conversation takes longer than five contacts, the lead is much more likely to consider your company and convert to closed business.

Source: ringDNA[1]

To assist, your MSP can provide a service that tracks these contacts and the status of the deals, helping the sales person to keep track of who they need to contact and when in order to seal a deal and increase their closing rate.

  1. Network Audits and Business Reviews

Putting an MSP in charge of your company’s IT takes a huge time weight off of your internal IT team, but they need to regularly audit the network or it can lead to issues. Your MSP should audit the network frequently, keep detailed documentation, and resolve or provide support for issues. These audits should be scheduled at the frequency your company specifically requires, which will vary depending on your network infrastructure.

Furthermore, your MSP should schedule quarterly business reviews in advance. By keeping you informed of their internal workings and what they are monitoring, you can more easily see their value to your company, as well as maintain more frequent contact between your company and theirs, which allows you to discuss issues or tasks that you need the MSP to resolve.

[1] “The Sales Follow-Up: Why 10% of Sales Agents are Closing 90% of the Deals”



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