Adtran Total Access 908 2nd Gen 4212908L1 IP Business Gateway w/ Wall Mounts

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CLR Solutions has cleaned, tested, updated, factory reset, and found this Adtran 4212908L1 to be in good working condition. The version output can be seen further below. There are some scratches, scuff marks, and faint writing on the top front edge, but it is in otherwise good cosmetic condition. This listing includes the router, wall mounting brackets, and a power cord. The following are NOT included: instruction manual, ethernet cables, serial cables, mounting screws, or any other accessories. It comes with a 30-day warranty.

TA908>show ver
ADTRAN, Inc. OS version R10.3.2.E
  Mainline Version: ENM.12.023
  Checksum: 8DFB45A0
  Built on: Mon Nov 12 17:18:22 2012
  Upgrade key: 81d44dfe6b99712dd0d68df011de86d8
Hardware version DSP7119-2ndGen
Boot ROM version 14.04.00
  Checksum: 8549
  Built on: Wed Apr 11 15:24:20 2007
Copyright (c) 1999-2012, ADTRAN, Inc.
Platform: Total Access 908 (2nd Gen), part number 4212908L1
Serial number CFG0673639
Flash: 33554432 bytes  DRAM: 67108863 bytes

TA908 uptime is 0 days, 0 hours, 1 minutes, 15 seconds

slot 0, DSP 1
  DSP software version: G2.R10.3.0.6a
  DSP hardware version: Freescale MSC7119
  Total channels: 30

System returned to ROM by External Hard Reset
Current system image file is ""
Primary boot system image file is ""
Backup boot system image file is ""
Primary system configuration file is "startup-config"