Spring Cleaning and Summer Planning

by | May 17, 2018 | Business

Spring Cleaning and Summer Planning

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Now that spring is in full swing and we are already heading into summer, many companies see a slow-down in business for several weeks. Vacation schedules and seasonal changes often find businesses biding time until business “gets going” again in late summer and early fall.

That’s why we suggest that now is the perfect time to review your IT asset management process. It’s a great time to figure out what devices you have, what you might need in the near future and which items you should be getting rid of.

As businesses grow and change, the IT infrastructure should change as well. Each piece of hardware and software plays an integral role in the operation of a business and as infrastructures grow, so do the opportunities and risks for potential data breaches.

We recommend that you, or someone in your company assigned to the task, take a full inventory of every IT asset, including devices that are no longer in use and may even be in a storage closet or off-site. While this is a huge undertaking for some companies, it is a necessity that should be done at least once a year, or more often if your company experiences staff or business changes.

If this sounds like something you really don’t have the time to do on your own or feel that you could use some guidance, CLR Solutions has developed our Inventory Management Service specifically to reduce the risks of data breaches so you can be sure your company is getting the most out of your IT infrastructure.

Here is what we do:

  • Identify all systems and equipment that is owned or leased
  • Determine how these systems are used
  • Establish how these systems are integrated with other systems
  • Approximate what they cost to maintain
  • Determine system performance

Our service not only provides our clients with strategic expertise, but the ability to efficiently manage their IT inventory.

If you are interested in touching base with us to discuss how we might be of service,
give us a call.

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