How to Maximize Your IT Asset Investment

by | Feb 2, 2024 | Business

A Guide to Recouping Value

We have good news: your retired IT assets still hold value, and with the right approach, you can recoup a significant portion of your initial investment. This process is not cut and dry, however.  How do you determine which marketplaces work best, how much to charge, and who to sell to? We’re here to answer some of these questions. 

Act Fast to Maximize Returns

One of the fundamental principles of recouping the most from your IT assets is acting fast. Because value depreciates rapidly over time, the sooner you decide to retire a piece of hardware the better. Not only does this give you a better chance of recovering a substantial portion of your investment, but it also allows you to swap out equipment that is a better fit for your business. 

The Flexible Approach

Every IT asset’s value can vary based on several factors. Sometimes, refurbishing or upgrading a device can significantly boost its resale value. While these processes may require additional labor and upfront costs, they can result in a considerable premium, making them a valuable option for maximizing returns.

In other cases, the individual components within a device may be worth more than the device as a whole. Here’s where an expert can help. At CLR Solutions, we have the expertise to refurbish, repair, upgrade, or even part out devices, depending on what yields the most net profit for your organization.

The Power of Profit-Sharing

Lastly, partner with an ITAD (IT Asset Disposition) company that offers profit-sharing. By opting for profit-sharing instead of a wholesale purchase, your organization can maximize profit on old devices. CLR Solutions helps you maximize profit by making the best choice for each device: leveraging various reselling marketplaces and using our knowledge of the labor involved in each process. With profit-sharing, you make the most of your IT investments without the worry and hassle. 

Partner with Experts 

CLR Solutions has years of experience helping businesses like yours maximize returns on IT asset investments. Whether it involves refurbishing, upgrading, parting out, or profit-sharing, we’re here to tailor our solutions to your unique business needs and goals.
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