Investment Recovery

Investment Recovery - Equipment Redeployment

Technology is a fast-paced world with constant improvements and developments. Unfortunately, that means the value of electronics depreciates quickly over time. The quicker you act, the more of your initial investment CLR Solutions can recover from your IT assets. Recoup the most from your investment and use it to cover the cost of your next hardware refresh cycle, supplement your budget, or create a new revenue stream.

The benefits of our Investment Recovery service include


Most equipment can be sold wholesale, but the prices for wholesale equipment tend to be lower than retail sales. Retail sales may provide higher returns, but will also require more labor. We will leverage different marketplaces to get the most value out of a device based on the labor involved.


Sometimes refurbishing or upgrading a device will provide a considerable premium while requiring additional labor and upfront costs. Other times, the components within the device might be worth more than the device as a whole. Treating devices flexibly allows us to get the most for them.


Although we can pay wholesale prices up front, we also offer profit sharing. Profit-sharing does not require a detailed inventory from you. It will typically yield more money for you but will only pay out as the equipment sells. Whichever option you chose, you will get paid fairly for your equipment.
Since we can refurbish, repair, upgrade, or part out devices all the while leveraging different marketplaces to resell them, we are able to make the most out of a given device. We understand the labor involved in each process and will choose whichever route yields the most net profit. By giving you the option to profit share instead of doing a wholesale purchase, the more we make selling your devices, the more your organization will get.

Our Investment Recovery service goes well with

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