How much are my old electronics worth?

by | Aug 14, 2023 | Business

Electronics, as you know, depreciate rapidly in value over time. Like a new car driving off the lot, the moment an electronic device becomes ‘last year’s model,’ its market value plummets. This isn’t a bad thing; instead, it’s a reminder to act quickly when offloading old IT assets. The faster you act, the higher the returns. 

Get Money Back for Your IT Assets

You’ve invested a lot of money into your IT assets. At CLR Solutions, we’ve refined the art of IT asset investment recovery to help you recoup the most from your initial investments. Here’s how we ensure you get the best bang for your buck:

Optimal Recovery for Future Investments

With the money recovered, you can cover the costs of your upcoming hardware refresh cycle, bolster your budget, or even open up an entirely new revenue stream.

Wholesale vs. Retail Sales

While wholesale equipment prices are generally more competitive than retail, retail sales can yield higher returns. However, the retail route demands a more labor-intensive process. Our experienced team at CLR Solutions strategically leverages competitive marketplaces to extract the most value from each device, balancing potential returns against the required labor. With our IT asset market expertise, you can expect to get the largest possible investment recoup at the end of the selling process. 

Flexible Device Treatment

At CLR Solutions, we believe every device has a unique value. Sometimes, refurbishing or upgrading a piece of IT equipment can lead to a significant premium, though it demands more labor and initial costs. On the flip side, occasionally the components inside a device are more valuable than the device itself. Our approach is flexible, always aiming to get the maximum value out of every device.

Profit-Sharing Option

We stand out with our profit-sharing model. Unlike other processes that require a detailed inventory, our profit-sharing method is simpler and often more lucrative. Payouts are made as the equipment sells, ensuring that our goals are perfectly aligned: the more we earn from selling your devices, the more you reap in returns. By offering you the option of profit-sharing instead of a simple wholesale purchase, CLR Solutions engineers a win-win scenario, every time. 

Navigate the IT Asset Market with Ease 

In essence, IT asset investment recovery is not just about selling off old IT assets; it’s about intelligently navigating the market to secure maximum profitability. Partner with CLR Solutions, and let’s turn those old devices into substantial returns together. Feel free to contact us with questions.

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