Equipment Removal

Technician Working on a Server

Organizations will eventually acquire a collection of IT equipment they no longer need. Whether it is through large hardware refresh cycles or small incremental upgrades, the replaced hardware will need to be eventually be removed. Having CLR Solutions remove the equipment from your premises will let you remove the clutter and reclaim space.

The benefits of our Equipment Removal service include


We can disconnect and remove any IT device. Since we work with practically every type of IT equipment imaginable, we will remove it regardless if it’s something you typically find at a desk or something mounted in a rack or sitting in a storage closet.


The only people who handle the equipment are the ones removing the equipment, packing and palletizing it for transport, and processing it at our facility. The removed equipment is never left unattended in unsecured locations during any of the process.


We use large rolling bins to move equipment allowing us to move large amounts of equipment in fewer trips. Along with handling the equipment properly, this allows us to remove equipment causing minimal to no distraction or disruption to your staff. We apply blankets to protect walls and elevators along with masonite flooring protection where necessary.
We will work with the person coordinating the equipment removal to make sure that no equipment needing removal is left behind. Your equipment will be removed quickly, with no hassle or disruptions. Remove the clutter and put the reclaimed space to good use.

How can CLR Solutions help you?

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