Equipment Relocation

IT Asset Relocation- Moving Computer Equipment
Moving locations is a stressful transition for your organization. Many businesses rely on their IT infrastructure to operate and function. Until that IT infrastructure is relocated, a business can not resume its full potential. CLR Solutions can provide extra hands and expertise to expedite the transition and relieve some of the stress from your IT staff.

The benefits of our Equipment Relocation service include


We can disconnect, relocate, and reconnect any IT device. Since we work with practically every type of IT equipment imaginable, we will move it regardless if it is something you typically find at a desk or something mounted in a rack that makes up your IT backbone.


IT equipment is assigned a new destination before the moving process begins. On the day of the relocation, the equipment is properly packed, transported, and reconnected at its correct destination. The equipment is accounted for during every step of the relocation process.


Typically, a relocation only requires equipment to be disconnected, transported, and then properly reconnected at the new location. However, we can also help your IT staff provide technical support during the days following the relocation or help re-image devices if needed.
We can either manage the relocation or just handle the disconnecting and reconnecting of equipment. Whichever role you need us for, we will make sure your relocation is done quickly and diligently. The faster your IT infrastructure is relocated, the sooner your organization can get back to business.

Our Equipment Relocation service goes well with

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