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IT Equipment - Redployment

Auditing equipment provides an organization an inventory of its assets. That inventory can be used in a variety of ways that would benefit or may be required of an organization. CLR Solutions can audit assets that you plan to keep or assets that you are disposing of and would provide details like brand, model, part number, serial number, and asset tag numbers.

The benefits of our Equipment Auditing service include


Whether you are moving, disposing of equipment, or just lack an inventory of your assets, having an audit of your equipment lets you know what you have or what you disposed of. Having an inventory gives your organization an additional reference to make better decisions or to check for errors in a process.


Our audits can be used to verify that equipment is accounted for. Whether you are relocating or disposing of equipment, you can use our audit to check for any discrepancies during that process. You can now ask for an item’s return if it was erroneously disposed of, or attempt to find an item that is missing.


Having an audit would provide an inventory of your equipment which can be used to keep your asset depreciation worksheet up to date when your organization files for taxes. An inventory also allows your organization to validate that your processes are meeting any necessary compliance requirements.

Having an equipment audit may be a requirement for your organization, but it can still provide benefits for those that do not require one. Although our audits typically capture details such as brand, model, part number, serial number, and asset tag numbers, we can provide fewer or additional details based on your needs.

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