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Typically, a data breach conjures up an image of a network that was compromised by a malicious person or group. Often overlooked, data can also be physically taken from devices that were disposed of or sitting idly in storage. All it takes is one disgruntled employee stealing a device sitting in a closet or a device containing sensitive data ending up in the reuse market after it was disposed of. Until that data is specifically destroyed, it will continue to be a possible avenue for a breach.

The benefits of our Data Destruction service include


We destroy data by shredding, degaussing, or wiping and can provide those services on and off-site. Our processes are not limited to hard drives, backup tapes, and optical media, but can be applied to other data containing devices such as tablets, smartphones, and flash drives. Your data will be securely destroyed according to your needs and preferences.


Since we process devices for entities with sensitive data such as government and medical organizations, our processes were developed to ensure 100% data destruction. Our processes follow Department of Defense (DoD) and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) guidelines. We provide audits and certificates for every device that has had data destroyed.


It is significantly cheaper to have data destroyed properly than it is to deal with the aftermath of a data breach. Pairing our data destruction with our other services can provide additional savings for your organization. The cost of our data destruction services may even be subsidized when paired with our Investment Recovery service for eligible equipment.

i-SIGMA Member

CLR Solutions is an International Secure Information Governance & Management Association (i-SIGMA®) member and adheres to their data destruction guidelines. Whether the data containing device is shredded, degaussed, or erased by software, you can rest assured that it was done securely and properly with no retrievable data left behind.

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