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Custom Deployment and Redeployment

CLR Solutions can manage the process of custom Deployment and Redeployment of your IT assets while at the same time maintaining complete data security.

CLR Solutions offers recycling and replacement of your computer system and secure redeployment of your IT assets. We have the ability to accept shipments to our warehouse where are technical staff can scan the assets, document them, set up for future use, and then either deploy and deliver back to your office, or store them until you are ready to have them returned.

Productivity Without Interruption

We can create a custom Windows deployment for every workstation in your network with all of the needed software installed. This process allows users to not only continue their work but to do so without interruption throughout the operation. Additionally, we offer asset relocation to extend asset life-cycle. We abide by access authority and maintain data security levels during this process.

Our custom Deployment and Redeployment Service is available to mid-size and enterprise companies.

For our Vendors and Partners, if you would like to offer our services to your clients, we have the capabilities to accept shipped product to our facility where our experienced staff will image all of the devices, set them up to your specs, prepare them, and then deploy and deliver them to your customers. Or we would be happy to store your devices at our facility until ready to be deployed.

For more information, please contact CLR Solutions at 877-257-7658 to speak to a representative about our Custom Deployment or Redeployment Service.

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